Nakamuraya Yokan


Yokan is a traditional Japanese sweet made from agar, sugar and bean paste. It has a firm jelly-like texture and has long been popular in Japan for centuries as a side dish for tea. It can be stored at room temperature before opening. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and consume quickly. It can be sliced into a size of your liking, then eaten.

Original Nori yokan, an Enoshima specialty

Designed in 1902, with carefully selected high-grade white kidney bean paste mixed with just the right amount of green nori seaweed. This is our company’s original, one and only product. It has a refined and elegant flavor.

Hon-neli yokan

A traditional yokan, full of flavor. It is made from carefully selected high-grade azuki beans which are kneaded together over a long time.

Kuri yokan

Crunchy chestnuts, delicious all year round, are kneaded together with carefully selected high-grade azuki beans.

Special Ingredients

In Japan, the most commonly used ingredients in traditional Japanese sweets are the raw beans used for bean paste. It is important to know that without "azuki" and "white kidney beans" yokan and manju buns would not be what they are today. The Nakamuraya Yokan uses carefully selected beans for its Japanese wagashi sweets. In addition, although gelatin is usually used for the jelly, we instead use agar made from seaweed for our yokan. As it is 100% plant, it can even be safely consumed in a vegan diet.

A message from the store manager

Nakamuraya Yokan is a local and traditional confectionery store founded in 1902 in Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is popular among tourists inside and outside of the country. Our focus continues to be on the special care, provision, and production of a confectionary that embodies the scenery, history, and culture of Enoshima.

Store information

Nakamura Yokan
address:2-5-25, Enoshima, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa     
open:9a.m.~18p.m.(depends on the weather) 
closed on:Please check facebook and twitter